Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I reviewed my calorie goals over at, and while in essence i need to eat more every day, I actually input my activity level incorrectly. It seems to vary, from calculator to calculator, what the definition of light activity is, normally i seem to qualify for it but upon closer look to the site's definition, I don't come close to it. So I have modified it, and my new calorie goal reflect numbers I'm much more comfortable with.
I now feel like like if someone had drawn a caricature of my [unknowingly over] consumption of calories in the past month or so I would be a happily noshing down Chinese cartoon they use to illustrate good food, happy yummy, tasty.... mmm I can taste the Mongolian barbecue I had on Saturday night. Chock full of veggies and spice. I know, I know, it would be faster to attach a gas pump of salt straight into my arm, but I'll happily lie to myself about water gain the next morning for that garlicky, spicy, cabbagy heaven once in a while. Shrimp, meanwhile, is still disgusting.
I think if I was drawn as a happy stuffing her face chinese person I would be cute.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ever feel like you've missed your opportunity?
I do. with my weight loss that is.I started this back in, what, November? *checks* yes, November, by then I had been exercising for a few week again and well. in 4 months I've made no progress even though this time around I know what I'm doing.
Quite honestly my life is worlds different than the first time. I have a boyfriend now, the 'friends' who causes me stress has gone from a major depression where she ignores everyone to bim-bam-boom let get my life on track and while its great to see her having goals.... I am her stepping stool to do them. I realized I've put my life on hold for her and in my lovely pms time it just feels like I've screwed myself and it's too late to do anything. My friends imposing on my time, and then later asking if its alright has been a high stress factor, for the first time ever I've had an issue walking away from booz for my health.
I'm trying to make positive changes in my life, but boy howdy, I'm feeling defeated.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi! long time no post. Been very busy and stressed lately. People deciding to take over my life tends to do that. Still not loosing weight :( but not gaining too much either...
MAybe, one day, if I'm good enough.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Realized

I only been thinking about posting on here and not actually doing so.
Not loosing much, mostly maintaining the small amount and apparently firming up, because many people keep telling me they see weight loss, and well I don't think you can see 3 lbs.
Faire season is starting up, so my life is going to be even more busy, yay, but that means also more opportunity to be active and loose weight. I think the higher calorie restriction works for me, but I also tend to calorie cycle without thinking. Hrrm.

This last weekend I learned how to make empanadas from scratch and they tasted yummy, but boy does rolling dough give you a workout. I also found out eating chipotle peppers can have interesting effects on your system, as well as eating an entire 16[14?] oz bag of vegetables....
off to bed for this overtired girl.