Friday, May 25, 2012

I don't know why, but this week, I having a hard timme getting my ass in gear to actually work out. I've just not been in the mood. I enjoy the workouts for these weeks, and most of the time after I'm happy I did it, but I'm just not feeling it this week.
But I am excited about dying my hair after today's workout.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm almost done with Phase 2! Where has the time gone?
I'm glad I have 2 1/2 months before my fitting. I may be able to lose some weight by then.

I have to say, being able to look at a scale and not have the compulsion to get on it is nice. I'm scared of next week. I know I haven't met my goals. I also know I'll be on my period, or just off of it, and therefore not have the most accurate . It's all my doing and I'm discouraged that my diet got that f'ed up. I still exercised and I really want to believe that counted for something. I keep wanting to keep up with the no weighing thing, but I feel I need it to be somewhat accountable. Not because the numbers mean much, just enough to remind me to keep it in line, you know?I need to look through my older entries, I know I had plans for what to do after BR but I can't remember. Right now I keep trying to figure out a schedule for doing 30DS double time, as in, 2 times a day for a month.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing Catch up

So two weeks in a row I ended up working a full day on monday, and so did what I asked about last week:
I did Monday's on Tuesday, and doubled Tuesday's with Wednesday's.
And eek, I'm past the half way point of the program! It's so weird. I'm also past the idway point of the month/phase, how is time flying like this?
My No Weigh May thing is probably good for me, because I'm almost certain I've not lost weight this month, and I don't know that I will in the the next 15 days. Something to do with out exercising a bad diet, and mine is all over the place, for many reasons. Some of them are ok, most are just my idiocy.  On a somewhat positive side, I don't think I'm gaining. But I cant be sure fore 25 more days. I don't miss weighing in, but in the past two days I've kinda wanted to know since I'm bumming. Oh well

However, lately I've been feeling smaller to myself, which is not in keeping with my weekly pictures, but it still feels nice.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So yesterday I ended up working a full day instead of a half like I normally do, and so missed the time I normally do that day's disc. Normally, I would do it when I got home, however, I was exhausted when I got home. I was exhausted because the first half of my day was spent doing lots of physical labor while in some humid heat. In fact, I never really cooled down yesterday, got cooler, but I felt hot all day long, and getting home to a house with no a/c on was not helpful.
So, my question, do I let yesterday slide, or do I do workout 5 today, and double up and do workout 6 and cardio tomorrow and be caught up?

I'm so confused.

I thought about combining today and yesterday, but I waiting for the mail to show up because I decided to order myself the resistance cable JM uses in the program because the one I have currently isn't working out.  The plain rubber keeps snagging on my skin. The one she uses is nice and braidy. Plus I like the handles better.  It occurred to me the day after I ordered it I could've borrowed the MIL's since she's putting off restarting the program. But I want one of my own. And according to the tracking it will be delivered today.  Since our mail shows up around 1, and I have other things to do today, I don't think I can practically fit in 2 today.

This no-weigh May thing is... peculiar. On the one hand, I'm loving the freedom from it's tyranny and remembering it's only one small indicator of how my health is going. On another hand, I feel like I'm in a free-fall and that in 23 days I will discover I have gained massive amounts of weight. I suddenly feel that none of my food choices are good for me. I realize this shows how reliant I was on the damn scale, because I know currently 85% of my choices are healthy. It's that 15% that scare the crap out of me and I'm fighting very hard not to let disordered eating habits to pop back up, but instead try to get a tad more diligent about my dietary habits. I also need to remember that there are going to be times where I don't get to be as healthful as I'd like to be, but it doesn't mean I've failed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWI, wait, what?

Hello all!
Something circulated yesterday on tumblr that resonated with me: No Weigh May.  So I'm going to. [I'm also doing this and this]
To quote myself:
GirlGrowingSmall has set up goals for herself for the No Weigh month, and I liked that and thought I should too.
I think the only times in the last couple of years that I stopped weighing myself was when I had stopped exercising, which won’t be the case here, so I’m scared of the outcome of this month. I’m really scared it will be like then, and I will gain big numbers. But I also need to get away from the scale and learn not to depend on it. So here goes.

Goal for the end of May: lose at least 7lbs, putting me nicely under 200lbs

NWM Reward: Something from Disneyland that I’ve been wanting for a while. - or- New and cute workout outfit

NWM Consequence for gaining, or losing 3 lbs or less: No spending money on myself for a month. This will be hard for me because when there is a good sale on fitness stuff or dvds, I like to buy. I rock sales.
It will also make it harder for me to buy a set of 12 lb dumbbells that I've been thinking of getting for Phase 3.

I realize my goals are similar to hers, but it seems we are in the same weight range right now so her numbers really reflect what I want.

Bonus Reward: For making it a month not getting on the scale, I will get myself 1 movie that I want.  Not getting on the scale will be a challenge alone.


I also have a caveat to my not losing more than 3 lbs,  I will also be measuring again at the end of the month, and if I've made inches progress instead of lbs progress, I will not consider it part of the fail and consequences.

This means a more concentrated effort on being active during the week, with the exception of probably Tuesdays. Everyone needs a rest day. 
And holy cow, am I loving phase 2. Although, I haven't done the cardio yet today. Gulp. I know this phase's is longer than 25 minutes. I hope it doesn't have moves that make my HR spike like phase 1. I can't remember. That was over a week ago and I had a busy 4 days at work.