Monday, July 25, 2011

A project

There's something to be said about physical labor. It's somehow more soothing and satisfying than going to the gym. I recently started reclaiming my parent's backyard from it's jungle of weeds status, and the hard work feels good. It's going to take me the rest of the summer to finish my [somewhat] 'Grand Plan' for it, but I'm excited to have this project. I'm nearly done clearing out all the weeds, and a good deal of it just needs to be disposed of [makes me sad I can't burn it in my state, so much easier]. Part of my plan is to plant a garden, which excites me so much, I've fallen in love with growing things. Before I can even get to that stage I need to start fertilizing the ground, which considering the size of the yard is going to take awhile since even chicken poop is not cheap when you need as much as I do. Already I can feel the muscles working for all my different stages of work, and the good kind of sore I'll be. I want to give a nice backyard to my parents to enjoy during the warmer months, instead of a dust bowl, and since I'm getting married next year [got engaged 2 weeks ago yay] I need to actually do this instead of just dreaming and planning. Not only do I want to start a garden but I'd love to plant flowers for my mom to enjoy.
Does anybody know, btw, how deep a raised bed should be for an herb garden?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee is evil

So I've made a huge lateral move. You keep reading all these articles about what aspartame does to you, right? I decided ok, I'm going to give up soda, because let's face it, I love my diet sodas and drink tons a day. It's convenient, great for downing all my vitamins and supplements, brings in recycle money....yadda. But because I'm trying to be committed to myself and my health, I decided I was going to give it up. Except. Except... I haven't gone completely off of it, I still have some in the evening, [not nearly the amount i was ingesting before], but instead of replacing it with just plain water, I have in fact replaced it with coffee. I'm drinking close to a pot a day, which considering about 2 weeks ago I wasn't drinking coffee on a regular basis, I'm sure I have shocked my system, but also, I drink it with milk. I used to be able to drink it black but for some reason I can't anymore. So while that alien, dangerous mars-goo aspartame is way less in my system, I er... don't think, ok I KNOW, the amount of caffeine that's replaced it is not good.
I keep telling myself I should go back to my 5 pots of tea a day, but my annoying other head-voice keeps pointing out it takes longer to make in the morning, I cant put the grounds on my budding plants, and it takes longer to cool. I mean my large tea pot holds 32-36 oz of tea, which takes me maybe an hour to drink. Maybe. and it's not always convenient to try to make it at my friends house. But hey, those sound like excuses. I figure next week I will start with my tea again, I do well changing my morning routine at the beginning of my week.
The bright side, if any, of the coffee drinking is its helping me to get calcium from a non-supplement source, and it seems to help fill me up.

Goal to Lose: 64
Goal Time: 05/12
Remaing: 61