Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In, Sick

 Today's Weight: 207.0
Difference: -2.7
Total Difference:  -4.2

I'm fully blown sick today. Yesterday I was feeling somewhat poorly, but not enough to stop me from exercising. Today,  instead of a scratchy throat, I have a phlemy chest. Went walking with mom, and I thought I was going to die, the cold was hitting my throat and chest like a punch every time I inhaled.  So I know when you have a respiratory sick you're not supposed to exercise, and damn does that bum me out.  My mom pointed out that I didn't get sick on purpose, but I still feel like I somehow failed because this means I will not have done all 30 days.  While I could extend this by 1 day [or however many I may need], it won't be 30 consecutive days. Humph. Curses, I say, damn body had to get sick.
Time to go make some tea, which strangely, sounds disgusting. Yep, I'm sick.

Monday, February 27, 2012


So I just reviewed the first 2 weeks of the Body Revolution DVDs, I look forward to doing this program. of course, I have only viewed 3 of the 15 DVDs, so I may eat my words later on. However, I still have a month before I start it. The MIL will do it first, giving my time to finish my shred challenge [14 more days, wth?] and do a couple of weeks of the Kickboxing.
The phases are set up very simply:
Week 1-2
Day 1: Front of Body workout [1]
Day 2: Back of Body Workout [2]
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Front of Body [1]
Day 5: Back of Body [2]
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest

Weeks 3-4
Day 1: Front of Body workout [3]
Day 2: Back of Body Workout [4]
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Front of Body [3]
Day 5: Back of Body [4]
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest

Week 1 of Phase 1 offers a kickstart metabolism week, in which you can do the cardio dvd every day that week [which means 2 times on cardio days]

I haven't thoroughly perused the diet plans, but I did read enough in the kickstart diet [which she warns you to only do once] to know it is not for me. Don't get me wrong, I have many of her recipes, and like them, but niacin free is hard to come by. Also, I do not believe in totally omitting alcohol from diets. If you're a wine drinker, wine with dinner is fine to me. 1-2 drinks [otherwise] a week is fine, because that's, oh what? Moderation.  Alton Brown thinks so too. But the MIL is very into the kickstart diet so tonight we shall be having steak with spinach salad. Sounds good.

It's weird, in my Shred challenge, sometimes the modifications are harder for me to do then the full out move. Like level 2's chair squats with a v raise. When I was doing the modification, I couldn't make it through the 30 second sessions. But then I switched to the regular, and today I made it all the way through [yay me] In general, I feel a small raise in endurance, but I do not yet see a physical difference, nor do I feel one. Bummer. I shall finish and move on.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Day 13 today. I'm looking forward to putting that dvd in and so dreading it.  I'm looking forward to being doe for the day, covered in sweat, and knowing that I managed to stay committed to it one more day. However, pretty much since day one, I mutter at Jillian. Every time it's time to move on to the next move, I start groaning in the general direction of my tv, telling her no, you're going to make me do something I don't want to do. And then I do it.  Right now, 18 more sessions seems like a long ass time.  It's going to fly by, I know.  Right now I just need to look at 7 more days of level two and seeing how well I improve.
On impulse yesterday in my favorite health food store [that I avoid because of price] I bought some chia seeds because I've been reading about them for awhile now and decided I wanted to try them. Google is a scary place, been trying to find some good things to do with them. Of course, google scared me earlier today because, as there seems to be 10,000 articles on why one should give up soda or diet soda, none of the articles had the 'aftereffect timeline' type thing I was looking for. I mean, smoking has a timeline for how your body reacts to no longer smoking. I want to know about not drinking diet coke. Hell, it's been 13 days since I've had a soda and I don't feel any better. All I feel are cravings when I see it in the fridge and I'm weary of needing to make more tea and don't want water. And don't even suggest crystal light, I might as well drink soda, it's got aspartame too.

My mouth feel many times better, but the healing time on one of the incision sites is longer than most for the fact that they had to cut cartilage to get the tooth out, and I cannot wait for the damn thing to heal up because the pain is annoying. It is manageable, but dangit! I want it to be done with already. Interestingly, they were not happy to find out I had been exercising, telling me it could've dislodged my blood clots, but they didn't have anything about it on the post-operative care sheet :/ annoying, but I can't do anything to change it now.

Off to eat tons of peppers and cottage cheese.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in, Level 1 Summary

 Today's Weight: 209.7
Difference: -1.1
Total Difference:  -1.5

Level 1 was a mix of moves that were easy for me and that I haven't done in forever and therefore kicked my ass.  I still have the shin splints, so I ended up modifying the cardio moves somewhat. I think this may have detracted somewhat from calorie torching.  For this level I did not completely meet my goal of days 6-10 being no modification days [injury mods not included]. Most of the moves I was able to go ahead and do unmodified, but push-ups? I'm sorry, I suck at them. I realized the second day I was doing them at a slow and steady pace that I was barely bending my arms, and that weight shift alone killed me.  I decided I would continue those modified and become more proficient at those. I'm also considering learning pushups on my stability ball.

This is week 11, and well, time for no more excuses. I'm not losing weight because I'm doing something wrong. I can't keep saying I had lots of carbs the day before, or Vicodin backs me up and I had oral surgery and haven't had a regular BM since Tuesday 14th, etc. I don't know what, or how I'm screwing up so horribly. My diet isn't that terrible, I actually love my veggies and eat them regularly.  Since I started working  out  I've worked out 3-5 hours a week.  Sorry but that's not half-assing it. I do know that I am beyond pissed. I'm not trying to out-exercise a bad diet. I'm trying to maintain a good one. All I feel I've accomplished is  bruising my forehead on the concrete wall I'm beating my head against. 4-lb yo-yo is supposed to be a plateua, not a near three month solid effort of healthier eating and exercising.

So my MIL has decided to get Jillian Michael's new program coming out, called Body Revolution. She wants us to do it one right after the other. It is a 90 day program and looks challenging and fun. And by fun I mean I will be yelling at Jillian while sweating copiously and grumbling the entire way through and then be thoroughly impressed with myself with being able to do new moves afterwards. It should be perfect timing after my scheduled month of kettle bells and Jillian Michael's new Kickboxing DVD [that I will be doing in conjunction with my last Bob Harper DVD purchase] I'm jazzed to have all this to look forward to. Also, may consider doing Insanity.

Also, yay me, as of today, 11 days with no soda. I miss it. However I got this tea and this tea while in epcot and can I just say? yummmmmmmmmy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I guess I lied

Im seriously bumming right now that I could maintain my weight on vacation and im gaining like crazy on this new exercise program.
Can I have a tantrum now?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halfway through Level 1

So, today was day 5, and it was easier than it has been, but that may be because yesterday I did it without being able to drink water.  I didn't end up getting to eat until about 4:30 yesterday, however as soon as they took me to Costco for my pain meds I was downing water like no ones business and making indecent noises the entire time because I was so damn thirsty.  And I must've hit 'starvation mode' yesterday because I know I didn't hit 1200 calories before I passed out last night and I fluxed up 3 pounds this morning. Blargh. But I'm not hating myself for it or anything silly like that, I know weight fluxes, I usually check to see if I hydrated enough or had too much sodium the day before, etc. I have one day a week I count as my 'weight' for the week. And heck, most of the time I don't like that number because I have better ones other times during the week. I'm trying not to obsess about scale this time.  I have a fitspiration folder on my computer that serves as my screen saver, and I'm always looking at the fitness section of Pinterest because it's helping keep y head in the right space this time around.

I know almost everybody thought I should take it easy today and not exercise, but it felt good to exercise. My swollen face didn't hurt more to do so, the only time it hurt was when I brushed it.  Tomorrow should be interesting since my goal for each levels' day 6-10 was to not do the modifications with Anita and do everything full fledged. Now, some of it I look foreword to challenging myself on and to see how far I can go, like boy push-ups. I've been taking some alternate cardio moves during the video because it seems I gave myself a shin splint while sprinting at WDW and some of the cardio moves just hurt in the bad way.  After the surgery drugs yesterday and  ice and heat therapy to it after exercise yesterday the muscle seems very happy, but I still didn't push it today. I will see how it feels tomorrow and then go from there. My point with the 'leveling up' was to challenge myself, and push farther, but I've got to make sure to not cause more injuries. Those modifications are different.
and until Saturday, It's going to be difficult for me to tell if I'm hitting 90 degrees in my squats and lunges.  I do know I'm not looking forward to the anterior raises all the way to my eyeballs instead of my shoulders. Those things kill my arms. Lately I've been alternating the arms depending on which leg is lunging.

We'll see how it all turns out for level 1 in another 5 days!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

Today's Weight: 10.8
Difference: +0.5
Total Difference:  -0.4

I'm not entirely sure how accurate those numbers are. I had a craving for roasted broccoli last night and easily ate 2 pounds worth, if not 3. I threw out the bag before I remembered to check. And broccoli, it bloats you. Or so I've read.
I was right, on Sunday, about the carb numbers.  The next day my weight had dropped back down to what it had been on the Saturday morning before I left on my trip, which yay! means I managed to maintain during my trip.
So far my heart rate is going up alot more on the 30DS than my other dvds were [not a big surprise], but my food intake has been screwy this week. The MIL's lack of food in the house really screwed me on Monday, not to mention dinner on Sunday.  I don't think I'll get to be on a regular food schedule again until tomorrow. Today, I don't get to eat until late afternoon.  There's a little matter of having the rest of my wisdom teeth removed, and since I have to be put under [they're impacted] I don't get to eat or drink. It's making me more than a little cranky. I can ignore a hungry stomach if I have tea or water to chug, but damn I don't even get that.
I've read on forums for those who have done the 30DS that day 3 of each level is make it or break it, and I guess I can see why.  Yes, it is challenging me, but I have no intention of stopping. Not taking a break today, or tomorrow. I know I may loathe the idea tomorrow, but I made the commitment to do it for 30 days straight, and as it s only 25 minutes a day, I need to honor that commitment.
I'm going to spend tomorrow planning out evening meals for the weekends so my fiancee and I can buy food ahead of time for it. Between that and planning Monday meals for myself, I should be better off for the rest of my challenge.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

30DS, Day 1, here we go

Completed Day 1 of Level 1,  will do a full check in in 9 more days.
Today I stopped more than I thought I would, made me kinda sad. also modified certain moves for a random reason: the MIL's house has crawl space under it and the noise the jumping around makes has my brain panicking I will bust a hole in the floor.  Which will make for an interesting month since I'm here 3 days of the week.

I was so disappointed this morning when I stepped on the scale.  2.5 lb gain. the only weight I've managed to shed in 2 months was back! Suddenly, I was ashamed of feeling so proud of working out on vacation, obviously is was in vain. All day a pall hung over my head, feeling my sister sneers and superior glances at my food choices were well-warranted. Suddenly, all the lemon water and tea meant nothing because I had some drinks.  My secret week long shame of not being able to say no to potatoes in my presence [a staple in the cafeterias breakfasts], of craving carbs because of walking... I felt like an utter failure.  The fact that I split meals many days, ate a banana everyday for potassium since my muscles were being used so much more, it meant nothing. I really wanted to curl up in a dark room. I know I could've gained much more, indulged to the max. But those 2.5 lbs? I worked hard for them and I got them back in 1 fell swoop. Maybe it was because I spent most of my vacation agitated? Did I retain weight from that stress?  I have been cranky most of the day because of it. Then I was reminded:
If you have some higher carb meals, expect that the next day, you might feel more bloated than usual. And for goodness sake, stay OFF The scale! If there was ever a time to avoid the scale, it is the day after a high-carb, high-sodium feast!
Guess what I scarfed down at the airport before take off? eh-hem somepandaexpressbeefandbroccoliontopofchowmein. andthentheendofaspinachandcheesecalzone.  I was hungry. And Orlando seems to have missed out on the idea of healthy food options. [lemme tell you how tempted I was to get a Nathan's hot dog with sauerkraut. or chili cheese. or hey that Philly cheese steak hanging out there] So yeah at least I had fibrous broccoli. and spinach, and bits of cabbage and carrot. :D what, I've not convinced you? I don't believe in eating white rice and fried rice is just wrong.
But see, I couldn't stay off the scale, not today. Today is the start of my shred month! I needed the info for my before and after. I'll be amused if tomorrow I drop now that I've been pushing fluids and passed most of yesterday's food.
Time will tell and I will still do my challenge, but man did I spend most of my day in a funk.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


On my last flight, suddenly terrified I've gained 10 pounds. I know I shouldn't worry, I should remember travel bloats and I tried new food this week, and still exercised, but me, I'm just anticipating having undone any progress I've made. Gah
I can't wait to get home to my fiancée have have the QT I missed out on this week

Friday, February 10, 2012

Well then

End of day five. Tomorrow is traveling day. I won't be rising early to exercise. 5 days in a row plus walking for most of the days seems just fine. But, I got up every morning and spent 30 minutes in exercise, even when I wanted to sleep. Today is the only day I chose not to do sprints. I just wasn't up to it.
I did find out my runkeeper app is somewhat flawed because I didn't run, because the square courtyard I was walking was small enough that the gps thought I was going much slower than I was. Imagine my surprise when after speeding up, the 10 minute check in said I was going 3 minutes slower!!
I didn't figure out how it was possible until an hour later.
I'll be interested to weigh in on Sunday, after this long week. I don't think I really over indulged, but I definitely indulged. I personally didn't feel like exercising in the morning was doing anything for me, but I will know later.
Well I'm exhausted and need to pack.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vacation check in

Well. I haven't been over-indulgent, but I haven't been as good as possible when it comes to my food choices. Overall, I'm not sweating it. This is a time to chill and see new things, no point in feeling guilty about stuff.
Today was the second full day of walking. My feetsies were telling me about it. And I'm definitely tired, but some of that is from choosing to get up before the start of day (literally) to sprint and walk laps. Today I stretched for all of it with some yoga on damp grass. Felt good. Predawn is so pretty here.
Today was actually cold and not too humid, or maybe I'm just used to it by now. It isn't bugging like I thought it would. Oh and I definitely don't like the Florida tower of terror.
Tomorrow it's drinks around the world, hehe.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Went running/sprinting. My short term speed is pretty good. Got winded more easily than last night. But it was good. Can't wait to start running.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

In Florida

After a flight delay of 3 hours, I have made it to Orlando just fine. Airport and resort food is not healthy, I warn you now.
Tonight while sprinting to get our bags before the bellhop knocked on our door and woke sleeping parents, I finally understood the idea of running slower or faster. It's something I've been pondering recently because I've only ever felt I could run, or walk. But. Tonight I was in a run, and then we ran faster. It was quite refreshing too, not easily managed at 77% humidity and 72 degrees at midnight. I'm vaguely considering doing a morning sprint every day while here so I can start my day right. I'll see how I feel about it in the morning when I'm up in the middle of my body clock's night.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

 Today's Weight: 10.3
Difference: +0.8
Total Difference:  -0.9

The last two days haven't been good. There was a loud thud as I scooched my ass of the wagon and just sat in the dirt instead of standing back up. I'm not sure whats going on. Been somewhat down, think it may just be a depressive cycle. I have been looking forward to working out, and had a mini-meltdown when being trapped on the phone for 2.5 hours made it impossible to go to the gym like I had planned. I ended up going after my evening out shopping with my parents, and to find out it was 'bring yuor family and friends for free today' so it was packed, and I've never worked out in such a large setting before.
I also know I'm feeling a little blue that at 8 weeks I'm not seeing any progress. I'm trying to ignore it but damn, do I wish I could see more results for all my effort.
my Mom insists you can see a difference in me, but never answered directly when I asked what difference there was.
I have no intention of giving up. I have this determination to keep going. As the posters say, a year from now I'll wish I had started today. So I've started my year.

Picture time:

I now look like the before picture again, at a slightly higher weight.  I look forward to being the after pictures again.  [and of course, beyond]