Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Realized

I only been thinking about posting on here and not actually doing so.
Not loosing much, mostly maintaining the small amount and apparently firming up, because many people keep telling me they see weight loss, and well I don't think you can see 3 lbs.
Faire season is starting up, so my life is going to be even more busy, yay, but that means also more opportunity to be active and loose weight. I think the higher calorie restriction works for me, but I also tend to calorie cycle without thinking. Hrrm.

This last weekend I learned how to make empanadas from scratch and they tasted yummy, but boy does rolling dough give you a workout. I also found out eating chipotle peppers can have interesting effects on your system, as well as eating an entire 16[14?] oz bag of vegetables....
off to bed for this overtired girl.

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