Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm hoping to borrow money from my parents to go to my doctor and have her check out my knees for osteoarthritis. It was suggested to me and afterward when thinking about it I noticed alot of similarities between what happened with my knees last year and when my mom's arthritis hit when I was in 2nd grade. It may be something else entirely but I would like to be able to treat it whatever it is. I miss being able to do squats without pain like my knees were about to sever, and being able to exercise freely and push myself instead of having to be careful of not irritating the pain in my knees.
I read from Dave Zinecko this week that protein should be 25% of your daily diet, so I'm going to spend the next few day looking at my normal food intake to see how my proteins measure up to the recommended proteins. Thank goodness for calorie counter programs that break it down for you :P
Im going to go shower, and then spend the day helping my bf unpack at the new place.

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