Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee is evil

So I've made a huge lateral move. You keep reading all these articles about what aspartame does to you, right? I decided ok, I'm going to give up soda, because let's face it, I love my diet sodas and drink tons a day. It's convenient, great for downing all my vitamins and supplements, brings in recycle money....yadda. But because I'm trying to be committed to myself and my health, I decided I was going to give it up. Except. Except... I haven't gone completely off of it, I still have some in the evening, [not nearly the amount i was ingesting before], but instead of replacing it with just plain water, I have in fact replaced it with coffee. I'm drinking close to a pot a day, which considering about 2 weeks ago I wasn't drinking coffee on a regular basis, I'm sure I have shocked my system, but also, I drink it with milk. I used to be able to drink it black but for some reason I can't anymore. So while that alien, dangerous mars-goo aspartame is way less in my system, I er... don't think, ok I KNOW, the amount of caffeine that's replaced it is not good.
I keep telling myself I should go back to my 5 pots of tea a day, but my annoying other head-voice keeps pointing out it takes longer to make in the morning, I cant put the grounds on my budding plants, and it takes longer to cool. I mean my large tea pot holds 32-36 oz of tea, which takes me maybe an hour to drink. Maybe. and it's not always convenient to try to make it at my friends house. But hey, those sound like excuses. I figure next week I will start with my tea again, I do well changing my morning routine at the beginning of my week.
The bright side, if any, of the coffee drinking is its helping me to get calcium from a non-supplement source, and it seems to help fill me up.

Goal to Lose: 64
Goal Time: 05/12
Remaing: 61

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