Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heart trouble

Medical problems galore lately, first started having more palpitations, ended up in the ER twice, and I need to talk to my doctor about whether I have GERDS or a peptic ucler [ad issues for years and then the first tachycardia episode that got me to the er seemed to trigger a full on stomach meltdown] and at one point I dropped 12 lbs in a week because of the stomach problems [water nauseated me, it got so bad]. When I mentioned that to the admitting nurse at the ER the second time around, the super skinny girl smiled and said, "Well that's good." If I hadn't been feeling so horrible I would've thrown her stapler at her head for the ignorance of that statement.

In general nothing has been resolved accept that Ive gotten my stomach to cooperate a little more and put some weight back on [which only made me happy because the weight loss was too quick and hard on my body]. Hopefully soon I will know more.

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