Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cottage Cheese and Grilled Tomatoes

Lately I have been on a cottage cheese kick. It tastes great right now, and since its filling and healthy I'll be sad when my taste buds decide it doesn't want it anymore. I find it annoying that I can't seem to stop going through phases of what tastes good and what sound disgusting to put in may mouth. Eggs, for one, right now I cant stand them, But a month and a half ago I was eating them in as many creative ways as possible. This past weekend, in an attempt to control/provide myself with healthy options, I made several foods for our weekend at dress rehearsal. This included asparagus guacamole, which has no avocados in it but tastes the same with a slightly different texture. The fiancee, who is allergic to raw avocados and ill-prepared guacs, loved it and said I had made a new kind of crack for him :) I also brought grilled tomatoes, which I had grilled with garlic and dear goodness they were tasty. And huge, the recipe I was following didn't specify what size to get. My sister requested more for opening weekend, but smaller. I made broccoli too but not much of it got eaten, the fiancee wanted some and then forgot to eat it, but since it smelled like curdled milk after 2 days in the cooler, I'm guessing I should've cooked them my usual way. Last week I managed to go through what I think is a 3 lb tub of cottage cheese since I east it as part of my breakfast. Cottage cheese with chicken soup is yummy. The backyard project is going slowly, because of the health issues I had plus in one weekend away what had been fledgling grass was overtaken by weeds, about 50% of which is this strange oversized clover plant that I have to dig out the roots :| Meh, but hey, weeding the backyard is a source of exercise. I need to remember to pull out and charge my dads drill so I can drill hoes into my soon-to-be compost bin. Also need to drill holes in some old pots so I can plant things in them too and use it to decorate the backyard. I'm excited about the project still. I feel accomplished. TTFN

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