Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So today I got to do a stress test and get a heart monitor for 24-hrs to see if I have any palpitation symptoms. This didn't please my cardiologist, who wanted me on the 4-week program since my palpitations seem to be random. But hey, insurance is insurance, and they are the will of god... or something. I forgot while grocery shopping I had some of the nodes [?] showing on my chest and I was very confused when the cashier asked me if I needed help for my 5 bags. My cashiers at the grocery store usually ask that when I've got about triple that, so I was confused until I bumped the box grabbing my purse from the cart. On the brighter[?] side, the stress test showed my heart to be great! Fantastic! Working just as well as the echo showed it to be. I couldn't get the goal of 100% heart rate at 194, I made it to 185. The incline was killing my calves since the wanted me to hold onto the bars [something I've never done at the gym], and the my exercise induced-asthma started to call, so I asked to step down. I was disappointed my heart rate didn't drop back down the way it normally does, but from what the nurse-practitioner said this was fine. Of course, while I'm glad my heart is apparently nice and healthy....I was horribly disappointed I wasn't going to get any answers or treatment. Might sound horrible but I'm tired of not knowing whats going on with my body or why I have days where I feel human again and days where I feel like I'm about to die. Le sigh. Lately I seem to have 87% ok days if I concentrate on eating things like bread over protein, especially when I wake up. I'm trying to drink more water, drinking it with lemon juice when possible. I'm not sure if this indicative of something like diabetes or not. Every time I check the symptoms I am missing 1 key symptom: weight loss. Both kinds of diabetes call for sudden unexplained weight loss. Which has not been my problem. I am now car-less, which seemed to be the universe telling me to chill the fuck out, not that I have entirely. I am horrible at relaxing, I always feel like there are things to be done. This is possibly the reason I now have a second blister under a not-healed-but-popped blister right on the crease of my index finger. It hurts but hey, why should that stop me from pulling up those damn ultra-spawning uber-long-root weeds? I stopped wearing my gloves because I discovered I cant grip the weeds properly with them on, and then I'd have to dig them out. :) but I've started part of the cobblestone path, have laid down seed for grass which seems to be taking, yay, and recently I was inspired to use the old fencing the neighbors left in our yard as a path on the other side of the yard, leading where eventually I will have 'boxed' flowers with said boards [we have a shitload.....] However, it has become clear to me that I need to embrace my home exercises once more, because breaking a sweat pulling weeds doesn't actually burn many calories[neither does my twice weekly 3 mile walk with the dog]. I just hope it doesn't trigger anything. I've been inspired by the fitness stuff I've seen over on Pinterest, which is nice since I've been feeling blah about exercise since the whole mess with my body started. I do miss my gym though. I liked the sense of purpose it gave me. although last time I was there, bout a month ago, I was a derp and was so excited to be back I pulled a back muscle from one of my shoulder exercises. I must admit I look comical in the mornings when I cant move my chest and shoulders because of the pain from the pull cramping back up. Also, for those with Iphones, androids or windows 7 phones, Runkeeper is a great free app. And it is for more than running, which is awesome since currently I'm a sprinter-while the dog somehow manages to almost trip me while I relay street pole to street pole and then act like I was never doing such a thing, until I meet another pole I like..... type person :) I canna think of more to say. Ta!

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