Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tap Tap

Hello out there, long time no post. The last year in my life has been a hectic one.
Moved out to Georgia at the beginning of the year, found that what we had been expecting, and told to expect, was nowhere near what the reality was. I worked [my husband had no luck finding work] for many, many reasons, I stopped doing a lot of online activity. I completely forgot about maintaining this blog, even though I was continuing my health journey as much as possible.
I grew alot this past year as far as my relationship with food, my understanding of bmr and calorie counting, and how my body reacts to the different ratios of the golden three: fats, carbs, and protien.
In the middle of all this, I became pregnant. I'm beyond excited about this, but incredibly frustrated at the lack of info geared towards women who were overweight or obese about health during pregnancy.
I currently am taking Bradley Method Classes, and am following the Bradley diet of high protien intake, something my body loves. I moved back to California in September. I've been very studious, yet very relaxed about the whole weight gain during pregnancy. I'm not calorie restricting, but I'm  not having a free for all. I feel like I could even be eating better, but I know realistically I'm not doing anything terrible to my body or baby.

I am up only ~5-6 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I have 3ish months left, so I feel I've definitely done well. I try to stay active, but formal exercise seems beyond me these days. I'm annoyed by the lack of definite should and should nots for pregnancy exercise. I kept getting vague answers, along the lines of stick to what my body was used to. Meh. I do some sort of walking [either wandering around a store or more formal exercise under 21 minute pace for 2 miles] and I've been squatting.
I have no idea where to start post partum other than to go walking, but depending on recovery time, I want to get back on some sort of program. I may give Zuzka another shot. I have so many options, and no one to ask what their preference was, or how long they waited. Another question is room. My current set up makes it hard, but I could feasibly do it.

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