Thursday, February 17, 2011


So for 2 weeks I have increased my calories and tried to stay on track with it, which has been middling as far as either overshooting or underscoring it. And other than non-food related incidences, its not causing me too gain weight. I've lost a little, but it seems my body is more interested in toning than loosing actual weight. According to my [obsessive] records of my measurements, I've been losing half inches and whatnot in very little time.
Dear oh dear, body why do you do this to me. You sneak in an inch here, half there, impossible to see or feel. That stoic scale reads in the same 3 pounds for weeks, it's enough t make one mental. Couldn't you reward me for all my ass dragging to the gym, thorough label reading, healthy grain and vegetable choices by a nice big DROP of some weight? Please? Pretty please? Big big pretty please make me not sigh and shrug when the numbers stay the same?
We will see...

oh also, some posts finally over at: Fat and Fancy Free Style

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