Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWI, wait, what?

Hello all!
Something circulated yesterday on tumblr that resonated with me: No Weigh May.  So I'm going to. [I'm also doing this and this]
To quote myself:
GirlGrowingSmall has set up goals for herself for the No Weigh month, and I liked that and thought I should too.
I think the only times in the last couple of years that I stopped weighing myself was when I had stopped exercising, which won’t be the case here, so I’m scared of the outcome of this month. I’m really scared it will be like then, and I will gain big numbers. But I also need to get away from the scale and learn not to depend on it. So here goes.

Goal for the end of May: lose at least 7lbs, putting me nicely under 200lbs

NWM Reward: Something from Disneyland that I’ve been wanting for a while. - or- New and cute workout outfit

NWM Consequence for gaining, or losing 3 lbs or less: No spending money on myself for a month. This will be hard for me because when there is a good sale on fitness stuff or dvds, I like to buy. I rock sales.
It will also make it harder for me to buy a set of 12 lb dumbbells that I've been thinking of getting for Phase 3.

I realize my goals are similar to hers, but it seems we are in the same weight range right now so her numbers really reflect what I want.

Bonus Reward: For making it a month not getting on the scale, I will get myself 1 movie that I want.  Not getting on the scale will be a challenge alone.


I also have a caveat to my not losing more than 3 lbs,  I will also be measuring again at the end of the month, and if I've made inches progress instead of lbs progress, I will not consider it part of the fail and consequences.

This means a more concentrated effort on being active during the week, with the exception of probably Tuesdays. Everyone needs a rest day. 
And holy cow, am I loving phase 2. Although, I haven't done the cardio yet today. Gulp. I know this phase's is longer than 25 minutes. I hope it doesn't have moves that make my HR spike like phase 1. I can't remember. That was over a week ago and I had a busy 4 days at work.

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