Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Current Routine at the Gym

For those of you interested, and or opinionated, this is my current routine at the gym, Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Warm-up or that thing that makes me sweat and gets my heart rate up:
5 minutes stair-climber [lvl 3 for 3:45, 4 for 0:45, 5 for 0:30]
12 minutes stationary bike, level four, hill.
I change up which order I do those in but I start with those, and sometimes, I go to level 5 or 6 on the bike.

Weight training, aka me playing of machines like I used to in high school:

Part 1 [in the weight room]
3x 15reps inner thigh press at 40 lbs, holding for 20 sec on 15th rep
4x 20reps outer thigh press at 50lbs, holding 30 secs on 20th rep
1x 15reps top of thigh press? at 40lb [knees still arent healed, this one hurts]
* 2or3x 15 reps squat machine 40-60lbs
* 2x 15 reps lateral [?] arm amchine 40lbs
*1x 10rep lunge high kicks on aerobics stepper
*30 seconds squatted punches
*1x 30 rep jumping jacks
*weighted side stretches
Then repeat.

* = not always done, depending on how my knees are or just changing up what to do to bring my HR back up.
And what a joy to watch myswelf doo all this in a fully mirrored room to emphasize all my unflattering curves...

Part 2 [main female's room where the rest of the weight machines are]
2x 15rep pec press machine at 40lbs
2or3x 15 rep hamstring curl machine at 40lbs
2x 15rep seated crunch machine at 45lbs
*2x 15rep outward arm press at 50lb

Cool-Down, where really I'm kicking up my heart rate again.
*5 minutes stair-climber [lvl 3 for 3:45, 4 for 0:45, 5 for 0:30]
*8-13 minutes Elliptical machine level three [frontwards and back]
*6 or 12 minutes stationary bike, level four, hill

* = I try to change up how I end it, but its one or two of these three. I've been shying away from the Elliptical and treadmill lately because it has been triggering my asthma something awful

So there it is, how I spend or waste, and hour at the gym. On some of the machines my weight choice may seem low, but right now I'm going with low weights, high reps. I'm going to see how that works for me in the next couple of weeks.

I have my yoga book back from my boyfriend, so yay I get to do yoga every night again. 1 week without it every night was weird and sad. I'm hoping sometime soon I may get to see some difference in my body. I'm not really seeing it on the scale, but I'm hoping I may see it in my body, such as toning.
Part of what I've changed recently is upping my caloric intake, thinking maybe I'm not taking in enough. I know it's not a good idea to change so much at once, but hey I've done much stupider things.

By the way, Ive launched Fat and Fancy Free Style to go along with this site without bombarding those who don't want it with all the pictures.

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