Tuesday, March 13, 2012


yesterday was the original end date for my challenge. I still took pics. I will take more next week too.
I have just finished reviewing Jillian's new Kickboxing DVD and damn am I excited to start it. Looks like some awesome cardio, and I recognize some moves I'll be doing in her Body Revolution too, woo-hoo. I think it's a bit sad that I have enough Jillian DVDs to recognize some of her back up.
I like the Kickboxing DVD for the fact that it's in a group this time instead of just her 2 back ups. It's the same in the BR series, although that has both guys and girls, this DVD has just girls.
I have been contemplating mixing the kickboxing DVD with levels 2 and 3 of 30DS since those never became easy. Level 2 is still more challenging for me than 3.  I'm adapting to 3 better than I did 2. So until BR time, I think this will be my plan. Also, 1 day for yoga [cuz I miss it] and my Bob DVD. since I now have a part time job, the next 3 weeks will fly by. wonder what change it will bring? Can't wait.

Also, as of yesterday, I haven't had soda [other than a few accidental sips when grabbing the wrong cup] for 30 days, which was my goal, to not drink soda while on my challenge. I miss soda, but at the same time the thought of the taste of it in my mouth is gross go me. I want to allow myself the option of the occasional soda, but my challenge was extended, should the soda thing be too? I never did notice a health shift by giving it up. Well, ok, one thing, I have been getting sleepy more early in the evening. Even though my teas have caffeine in them, I think I'm still consuming less caffeine with them than all the soda I was drinking. Quandary.....

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