Thursday, March 15, 2012


They say it's good to repeat meal throughout the week because it prevents over eating at mealtimes because the taste is familiar. I'm not sure how true it is, but I know for me, it's all about not having to think about what I should make. When I don't repeat meals, I end up taking way longer to eat because I can't figure out what to eat. Tends to be bad for the system.
I've been really enjoying my repeat meals recently, and thought I'd share.
Savory Oatmeal - Spicy Cheese
Oatmeal made with 2% milk, mixed with string cheese and chipotle Tabasco sauce with pepper.

Tuna Dip Salad
Spring mix salad with tuna dip. Tuna dip is light tuna in water [drained], liquid smoke, chipotle hot sauce, sour cream, mayo, and pepper.

Normally I don't add the mayo, especially since it's on the no-no list for bringing down cholesterol, but this week I felt like a treat. I was using the extra 180 calories to reach my net calories for the day, which is proving difficult because of my tendency to panic when I hit 500 calories. It's beyond ridiculous, but it stems from when I first had to go on the 1200 cal diet a few years ago and worrying that going over the 1200 would mean I would get the heart attack or stroke my doctor threatened me with. Not to mention, I seemed to hit 500 by lunch.  Yes, they gave me a diet, but it was really big on fish, and I hate fish. Yes, I'm aware that tuna is fish, but salmon is nasty ad I refuse to eat it :D

anywhoos, I'm procrastinating packing and I need to.

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