Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meh with a dash of blargh

I think I want to bang my head on a brick wall.
Today, I took some personal, aka naked, progress pics. I had thought it would be a nice pick me up to see how my results had changed my body, up close and personal.  Except when I compared them to the ones I took 2 months ago... no difference. I was flabbergasted. Sure, the angles were a teensy, tiny bit off from each other, it's difficult to recreate the same shot perfectly. But as I flipped back and forth, back and forth, nothing. Since it seems my scale wasn't lying yesterday, the weights aren't all that different in the pics. I have come to the conclusion that the only reason there was difference in the pics is because the day 1 pics were taken right after I got back from Florida, bloated with salt, alcohol, and carbs. While my recorded starting weight was a tad high for the challenge, after it dipped back to my more normal weight, it shot up again, with what I assumed was water weight from building muscle, but now I can only conclude I was gaining weight.  a week and a half before my extended end date of the challenge, I had dropped down about 6 lbs, and I was ecstatic. I maintained it for about 3-4 days, then, I started gaining weight. Again, I assumed it was muscle water weight because I had added the kickboxing in. I have gained back 4 of the 6 lbs I dropped, and while I know my diet wasn't pristine in the last week and a half, 4 lbs in 2 weeks is really horrible.
Maybe I'm just whiny. My measurements didn't really improve since the beginning of the year. I was so excited about that, when I thought they had improved. But when I did measurements today, it seems I got them wrong last Saturday. My hips seem to measure differently each day of the week. blargh.

On a different note, doing Jillian's kickboxing and Bob's yoga in the same day will make you SORE the next day. it's been a while since my legs were this damn sore. Today is just kick boxing Because my muscles need some rest.

My vague thoughts for the next 3 weeks:

M: KB w-o 1
    30DS lvl 2
T: KB w-o 2
    30DS lvl 3
W: Yoga or TBT
      KB or 30DS [optional]
Th: KB w-o 1
      30DS lvl 3
F:  KB w-o 2
     30DS lvl 2
S: KB w-o 3

Since I'm busy on the weekend I'm not going to try to do a second workout because I will be too tired in the evenings.

Another thought that has been on my mind, I wish I had a weight-loss buddy. Not someone to workout with, in general I don't care for working out with people. Yoga class at the gym is one thing, it reminds me of PE, at least what I had in grammar school where we lined up and all looked at the teacher. Tad less goofing off at the gym though. Anywho, the MIL is by no means a supportive person when it comes to our shared interest in weight loss, on the contrary she tends to big dick me when we discuss what we've been doing. I read plenty of blogs, but the non-tumblr blogs don't seem to be in the community mood, and that's their prerogative. I don't have the desire to create a second tumblr, and try to maintain one more weight-loss 'journal'. I'm sure I could get the support I crave if I did, and maybe I'll do it eventually if I still crave support. [myfitnesspal forums are not that active].
Don't know....

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