Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm happy with the changes I've made with my life, my healthy choices and what I'm striving for.  It's mildly paid off, though not like I'd like it to have.  I make an effort, every day. I make choices everyday.
But I'm still human, so to go pants shopping with someone I know who makes no health effort, actually eats unhealthy [she hates me talking about healthy foods for too long, it makes her long for a cheeseburger/etc] and has managed to loose weight, and wears pants 4-5 sizes smaller than I. While she has never been as heavy as I have been, it's damned depressing. Especially since last time I was this weight, I was in a size smaller, and I'm not anywhere near being there.
I could be bloated, but I glanced at myself in the mirror today and I look like I did at the start of my challenge. I took day 15 pics and there was a difference. :(
It's mostly me and my frustration that I'm working hard, getting little reward, and someone I know doesn't and they do get reward.
Also, arms, stop being silly, I can see how cut you are on top, be taut on bottom tooooooo! [I've been reading too many memes on tumblr]

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