Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in, Yadda

Today's Weight: 204.3
Difference: +0.8
Total Difference:  -6.9

Eh, the weight gain was mostly my fault this week. Whole new week to try again :)

Ok, so Jillian's kickboxing? Frickin awesome. I did Workout 1 yesterday as a second workout, and when I was done I was so pumped! Workout 1 focuses on upper body, and my shoulders are sore today. I love a good workout sore. Also, for the first time, it is a true 20 minute video. Not that I mind her other dvds where you have 20ish minutes of workout and 7ish minutes of warm up and cool down. But in 20 minutes  I burned 200 calories, and that was with taking breathers because my heart rate was soaring and because I would need a moment to watch the combos. I am not sorry at all that I got this dvd. Today as a second workout I will do Workout 2, which focuses on lower body.  I hope tomorrow night I can squeeze in 3, which is abs. I work on Friday so I'm not sure if I'll get to workout then.
This Saturday is the new end date of my 30Day Shred challenge. I'm excited. Even though it has been kind of disastrous, and I'm now adding in extra workouts [but hey I started after my original end date], 
 at least I didn't give up on it completely. I will write more about it sometime this weekend. Saturday night I will be going to a concert so it looks like Sunday for picks and summary.

:D Happy Hump day everyone!

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