Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today's Weight: 208.6
 Difference: -0.1
Total Difference:  -2.6

It's weird how I knew 3 months ago I would be exactly where I started when I reached the end.
I need to figure out what in my diet isn't working for me, because I know I'm doing good in the exercise department. It's also frustrating because I have 4 other stoach to deal with when it comes to feeding mine. Mom has gastric bypass restrictions [that she loves to ignore], Dad's body favors South Beach, the Fiancee only has to stop eating fast food for a month to drop 15 pounds, and the MiL is constantly changing what she will or wont eat.
I know I want to start eating more vegeatables again, they seemed to have slipped out of my diet. I don't eat tons like I used to and I miss it. Not that that ever seemed to help me lose weight.

At the end of my week 12 I will put up the progress photos I took, even though it won't be a transformation. I know I've failed and all I can do is try some more.
I don't know what to do for exercises after this, since my hope of being down a dress size or 2 for my fitting in August is dashed. I know I want it to be intense [great idea in the summer right?] But I think I want a small break before I do Body Revolution again. I want it planned now so I can just keep going, doing.  Because Body Revolution is wonderful. I may not be those awesome success stories I was desperately hoping to be,  but hell if I'm not stronger than I was.  I will whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest.

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