Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of Phase 2

Phase 2

Workout 5:
Ease: 3.5/5
Length: 35 min
[My] Avg Cal: 290

Workout 6:
Length: 32 min
[My] Avg Cal:  263

Cardio 2
Ease: 3.5/5
Length: 31 min
[My] Avg Cal: 281.2

Workout 7:
Ease: 3/5
Length: 35 min
[My] Avg Cal: 248

Workout 8:
Ease: 3.5/5
Length: 34 min
[My] Avg Cal: 255

I enjoyed the first half more than the second half. They were all challenging and fun, but for some reason weeks 5&6 were more fun for me.
in general, it was challenging for the level I've previously been at without making me feel like i was completely out of my element.  I was sad to be done with it because there was some moves that were new and I wanted to master. Of course, there were some I hated. A note to those with limited space, there are certain moves in the last 2 weeks that needed at least 5 feet across and  4 feet wide [aprox]. It was not enough to just turn sideways in a narrow space.

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