Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today's Weight: 206.9
 Difference: -1.7
Total Difference:  -4.3

I can't believe Saturday will be my last day of the Body Revolution. Even with the week delay, I can't believe it's over. Full review later, but part of me wonders if my fitness has improved at all O.o
I finally, after many delays, made it back to gym yoga with my MIL this past Sunday. My god that felt good. I was so sore the day after, it's amazing how out of yoga shape I had gotten. It's a tad awkward doing it with my MIL because she seems to give up very fast. I don't understand not holding on just a second longer... find out how long you can go, etc. But whatever, she likes to go with me so yay.
Time to get back to cleaning...

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