Sunday, July 29, 2012

A little obsessed

So.... I own two new Jillian DVDs. I went to Target looking for Ripped In 30, and found Extreme Shed and Shred, which I had been wanting as well. An examination of the nearby end cap held the originally sought DVD, and at 10 bucks apiece I got them both. I had been curious about Ri30 because some of the reviews I read said she was mean, unprofessional and had very inappropriate language. Since the preview for it seemed good, I wanted it for the exercises. I was half way through previewing the first level, before I realised the cussing I'd read about seemed to not be there. Not to mention, Jillian didn't seem to be mean, just her usual tough love, stop making excuses self. When level 1 was done I re-watched it and found the only cuss word was ass - as in badass.
ES&S seems fun.
Now I'm in a dilemma. Both seem like good options to start next month, since I'll be done with my mini shred tomorrow. I know I can still do the mini shred with my 12s but now I'm wondering if that will be progressing too fast. 8s still offer some challenge. They both came with meal plans I'll be looking into, since I know I like a lot of her recipes. I actually kind of miss being part of her site, and my MIL says you can now track exercises by DVD if it's one of hers. Cool.
But what to do? I like doing month long programs, but since I already had a plan am I flaking on myself? Or is the fact that I'm exercising the point, even if I change the plan?
I'll ask my fiancée what he thinks.

Also, much rejoicing for my MIL has replaced her 10 yr old scale with a new digital one. It does body analysing and according to it, my bone density is 7.1% of my body weight. According to the booklet, that's high. I've always said there's such thing as big bones, hehe. I also retain lots if water. How fin
Sleepy time, goodnight.

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