Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today's Weight: 207.6
 Difference: +1.1
Total Difference:  -3.6

This weekend was a difficult one for me in terms of food. I ate out way more than usual.  Now I still made good choices for most of the eating out. And on Sunday, my breakfast after yoga was good....until my MIL ordered a plate of hash. I decided to eat just a spoonful of it... which turned into half the plate.  Whoops, apparently a red-light food. Before that I had oatmeal with a side of 2 eggs, I felt so good. And dinner that night was at The Old Spaghetti Factory, which I ate half of my pasta dish, but ate a plate of broccoli and had some of the starters ordered. So yeah, I'm thinking there's some water weight going on. Plus, I salt loaded yesterday because I'm working in the heat again. This is not an excuse, I should have made better choices and had a little more self control. I just hope next week will have better results.

Today is the start of Level 2 on my mini-shred. Yay!. well, actually, whaaaaa! I hate level 2, and now I'm doing it with heavier weights. Oh well, only way to be done with it is to go through it.
Between the big cleaning project, the regular cleaning, and needing to workout, I'm going to have a busy day!
Finally found a decent exercise short last night, even though it's a tad longer than I wanted it. I don't understand why they seem to think the fat people don't need/want shorts for the summer. All the shorts available seem to be the booty volley-ball/basketball shorts. I like wearing something to my knees, thanks.
But yay Walmart came through.

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