Monday, July 23, 2012

BL, Weight, and Zucchini

Its annoying, while watching the Biggest Loser from the beginning, how many people think that when they're upset and their trainer says 'lets go workout', that they feel punished. none of them seem to get that they're being shown a new way to deal with stress. Instead of eating, they can exercise.

Today was one of those sucky days, where I was feeling good about my weight and body so I feel it's a good time to take progress pics. Well, there seems to be no difference since the end of my Body Revolution. It felt like such a blow, I'm feeling good, haven't been drinking, working out [as well as tackling a huge cleaning project with good results], making good food choices, and the weight seems to be taking its time going away, but it has gone some. So to see that I'm not making a difference like I felt I had. Oh well, again, won't stop me from doing what I should be. Just feels crappy.

I have finally made zucchini pasta, and mm mm tastes good. Totally want to make a lasagna with zucchini for  the noodles and see how it turns out.

See you for my weigh in in a couple of days

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