Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WWI, Rocking Shoulders

Today's Weight: 206.2
 Difference: -1.4
Total Difference:  -5.0

Hmmm, k personally I think .5 of that is water weight, yesterday I weighed in at 205.7 and today my fingers are a tad swollen. Just keep swimming! I really hope to break 200 by the end of August.
I'm going to be trying something for the next week/until the end of my mini shred. In the mornings at my parent's house, I'm going to within 15 minutes of waking up do [and did this morning, it was a great wakeup]:
5 Lunge Jumps ea leg
8 Weighted Burpees [with 12's! 6 months ago I couldn't do more than 3 regular burpees in a row!]
Cable Punches, 30 sec ea leg
3 Long Jumps [1 long jump, 3 short back jumps]
10 Push Up Jacks

I think a tiny bit of cardio in the morning maybe a good thing. Guess I'll see in a week or two. I still intend on doing the second mini shred with the bigger weights after this, but if the morning cardio doesnt seem to be working out I'm going to add in some Jillian kickboxing, I know I got results with that, and I miss doing it. I need to get the dvd back from my MIL, who I don't think has really used it since I lent it to her. I like me some short intense workouts. I have a few written down too, might try that too. Ahhh so many options to be active.

Also, I'm very impressed by my shoulders/back:

I'm getting my fantastic back back! The muscles are really starting to show again, at least in the upper area. Whoo-hoo. I do hate that pictures seem to be doing no justice to my biceps, they are getting harder and more defined. Oh well, I know theyre there

Hope you're having a good day!

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