Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WWI and Wedding Dress update

Today's Weight: 202.4
 Difference: -1.8
Total Difference:  -8.8

Well the fitting went ok. Everyone was talking about my weight loss, and how you could see it. I dont see it, and yes I have pics to compare. Blah... Although having your friend demanding that you lose no more weight before the wedding is annoying beyond belief. My weightloss is hard enough without the idea that i shouldnt lose too much. oi. I told my mom the most I could lose before the wedding is 8 more pounds. Of course, since I had to have some of it taken in, Im so terrified I'll gain weight back. Stupid brain monsters, I refuse to gain back weight.
I truly think that 1400 net was the best choice I made. :)
I've been wondering though how much the cutting down on starchy carbs may be helping, It's been about 3 weeks; its been 5 weeks since I have had more than a sip of a mixed drink.  I'm still out about how I think that's affecting my wieghtloss

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