Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WWI, Vacation

Today's Weight: 202.4
 Difference: 0.0
Total Difference:  -8.8

I'm disappointed, but not really surprised by this week's numbers. I had been so hoping to continue my losing trend, but I'm guessing my break from routine this last weekend really screwed me over.
To top it off, I leave for a 4-day vacation tomorrow. I don't get to have my healthy, happy food. My parents didn't ask for my input on food. I dread to think how bad my weight will be by the time I return Sunday night. I'm bringing an exercise dvd, and there should be plenty of walking and hiking this weekend, so I really hope it won't be too bad. My lack of loss is really bumming me out.
I'm also trying to learn to do more push ups. They make me feel so week, in the core and arms :( Which I know isn't true, but damn are they hard.
 Since I forgot to factor in the vacation for my plans for the Shed and Shred, I guess I only get a week and a half of the combined levels, grr. But it's not practical to try it in a cabin shared with 8 other people. I'll be doing kickboxing, since they are 20 minutes and easy to fit in. Again, hiking and walking lots.
I didnt take progress pics this week, and I keep thinking maybe I shouldn't try next monday either since I'll be coming back from vacation.
I also blanked that starting the last weekend this month, my weekends are no longer available to workout with my dvds. That whole camping, lack of power thing. But I should be able to be very active on the weekends.
But I'm not going to worry about planning it til the beginning of next month.
Need to go pack.

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