Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today's Weight: 203.1
 Difference: + 0.7
Total Difference:  -8.1

 I'm annoyed and bewildered at this number. I survived vacation with my weight not going up, I was damn pleased. But the 2 days following my return, in which I ate very well, my weight has shot up. Not only that, I started on the third phase of me using Extreme Shed and Shred, which in the end is 80 minutes of working out, warm up and cool down. I did it 2 days in a row and boy am I sore. I think I should've taken a break with a shorter level yesterday. I am hoping desperately that this weight gain is nothing more that water retention from my muscles trying to recover. Hope hope hope. Of course, I also worry about water retention from the fun bit of life that is PMS, cuz god, another month has gone by. I hate that my period messes with my numbers.

I will be taking a break today. I can tell my soreness is at the point that I need a rest. I'm debating between a short 20 minute kick boxing session, or if my day's chores should be enough. I think I'll see after lunch.

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