Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WWI, oopsies

Today's Weight: 200.3
 Difference: - 2.8
Total Difference:  -10.9

So my last week of this month got a little screwed because I left Extreme Shed and Shred at the MIL's. I realized it after I got home Monday, after not being able to exercise for various reasons. I spent all yesterday planning my time around the hour and twenty minutes it takes to complete it, and about an hour before the designated time, I remembered it wasn't here for me to use, so I had to survey what I had. At first I still wanted to do at least an hour's worth, so I turned to my Bob dvds. I ended up deciding against all 3; since my kettlebell is still at my fiancee's, I didn't feel like trying to modify with a dumbbell, and the confined space of my bedroom does not lend itself to some of the moves in Total Body Transformation. I wanted to save yoga for today,  because yes I sweat ad feel good, but since I hadn't had a good workout since Friday, I wanted something that really got my heart rate up. Looking at my Jillian dvds, I decided I still wanted to save my Ripped in 30 for next month, still no kettle bell, so I went for the ass whooping of Kickboxing. I'm sad I wont get to finish this month with the ES&S but oh well.
I was also annoyed to find that part of my heart rate monitor is missing. Livestrong's calculator never seems on for me, either too low or too high. I need to find the missing piece because for me, the HRM is a very helpful tool.
It will also be helpful to find out if I need to supplement Ri30 with kickboxing,  since the stepping up to 1:20:00 seems to have agreed with me. I want to go back to just 1:00:00, since the last 10 were always the longest because I had so little left.

Mediterranean Salad
Pumpkin Ginger Waffles

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