Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WWI, Explorations

Today's Weight: 204.2
 Difference: -2.0
Total Difference:  -7.0

Today is the start of..... Extreme Shed and Shred!  I will be taking some measurements in a bit to compare in 4 weeks. and this will be a busy month. Because of that, I will only be holding myself to 4-6 days of exercise, instead of 5-6 days and feeling guilty if its not six.
Currently, the plan is to do Level 1 for a week, Level 2 the next, and for the last 2 weeks do the combined video. oh the finger biting of change.
I'm so glad I'm not s sore today, yesterday and Monday evening I was dang sore, due to 2 workouts [my last day of mini shred, and a JM kick-box session] on Monday and being sore from yoga on Sunday, we did poses that made my ribs hurt.
September will be the month of Ripped in 30.
Also, I will be getting a new scale tonight. Yay!

Today I will be experimenting with vegan baking. I've done some vegan cooking, today will be baking. Not only will it be good to find more alternatives, I might find some recipes my parents ca use this upcoming faire season. I also have a few recipes from  SCD diet, because I'm trying to find tasty ways to replace how much starch and grain based flours is currently in my diet. Not all, but yeah.

 On today's list to make:
Vegan Brownies  [might someday make them with almond flour, or brown rice flour]
Raspberry Almond Cake  [made with black berries since I couldn't get raspberries]
Protien Truffle Bombs

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