Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Body Revolution

And so it has begun! Yesterday was my first day, and I will definitely be supplementing my  first 2 weeks with extra plays of the cardio DVD and my kickboxing DVD. I did get sweaty, but when my highest HR was 161 and my average was down at 137 o_o which is about 15 under my normal average.  My only day to not double up will be Saturdays since by the time I will be getting home I'll be to exhausted and it wouldn't be good for me.
Right now I'm struggling with breaking the habit of weighing myself everyday. My fiancee asked that I stop and only do it once a week because he felt I was doing it too much. My attitudes towards weight-loss have changed in the last few months, and while watching the fluctuations every day was mostly fascinating, it did on occasion still get me down.  It feels weird, not knowing how I'm doing, especially after my somewhat crappy weekend.  Part of me argues, but it shouldn't matter, I need to keep eating right and exercising and come up with alternatives to my food problems on the weekends.
See you in a couple of days

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