Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scale Day

Today's Weight: 205.4
Difference: -1.6
Total Difference:  -5.9

I had very mixed feelings about getting on the scale today. Part of me was excited that I got to weigh myself, part of me was annoyed that I was doing it since I'm trying not to rely on it too much, and part of me was just plain curious what number it would say. I was pleasantly surprised by what it said, I figured it would match last week's number since my weekend's eating was all over the place. I was physically active for most of Sunday, lifting heavy, up and down short flight of stairs, walking to a fro, but my lunch was from a pot luck, breakfast was from Carl's Jr, and dinner was In and Out [granted, I got my double-double protein style with no sauce and I didnt snack after] and Monday I managed to go over calories by indulging in a Carl's cookie after splitting a combo with the MIL. Those cookies have a shitload of calories, prolly why they taste so good.
But who knows, sometimes I wonder about counting calories. Some of my inspirations didn't lose weight by counting calories, but by eating healthily and when they were hungry, and Monday left me very hungry. [and yes, exercising, which I'm doing].  I tend to have days where I feel hungry at the end of the day even though I made good choices, because I'm limiting to calorie counts.
Those inspirational posters always say to go by more than the scale, look for the little things, but I don't think I really have any Non-Scale Victories so far.  I'm back into my 18W Gloria Vanderbilts again, I spose that counts.

I'm enjoying Body Revolution like I said, but I am only 3 days in. Let's see how I feel about it at the end of phase 1.  Secretly, I'm scared I'm still going to be in the same place in 3 months. In general, my determination to lose weight has helped me not be so uptight and depressed, but since I seem to make very slow progress I'm just scared. In general, yes, I know one day I will lose the weight as long as I keep trying, keep going with regular exercise and healthy eating. But I do have small goals, like maybe being 8-10 lbs lighter at the end of phase one. Not only that, but to see a bit of a difference at the end of phase one too, since I've decided to take weekly pictures to motivate me.
Saturdays for exercise are going to be very interesting, since I have very little time in the mornings. Personally, I guess I won't need to eat before exercising if I do it when I wake up since I'll be getting up earlier on the weekends. anywhos.

Here are some recipes that have gotten big thumbs up from my family[ies] recently:
Clean Eating Lemon Chicken Penne
Lemony Chicken with Artichoke Hearts
Cuban Pork
Garlic Asparagus with Lime

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