Monday, April 16, 2012

I werk ooooouuut

Guess who got herself a new pair of weights? 5's were becoming too easy in most exercises. although I was not thinking when I bought them about how I was about to start weeks 3&4 of phase 1 [which is in, oh, 20 minutes]. Bwahaha I'm so going to be cursing myself, I'm sure. I also have the secret hope that going between 7's at the MIL's place and 8's at home will add to the whole muscle confusion theory. Who knows?

This weekend was a great success of coming home after 12 hours work to a crock pot just finished cooking our dinner, thank goodness for plug timers.  Saturday night was Philly Cheese-steak Soup which doesn't sound healthy at all, but I put it into a recipe calculator and it wasn't bad.   Sunday night was a little more naught with Chicken Cordon Bleu, but only for the can of condensed soup added. That one I even went for the healthy version to appease my conscience.

Also, did alot better this weekend about food intake and not overdoing it. Go team me!

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