Thursday, April 5, 2012

Non Scale Victory Thoughts

These prolly don't count. But I thought I'd share them

In 14 weeks, I spent 42 hours and 25 minutes of them exercising.  [I have no figures for when I started about 3 weeks prior to that because I wasn't writing anything down.]

Anytime I start to feel down about how little progress I feel I've made, I can remind myself that I didn't gain back all 50 lbs I lost before my knees crapped out. I made that 50lb progress, and that is something. Setbacks happen.

I don't feel guilty [98% of the time] for eating something that isn't part of the healthy ideal. I very often know if it's a choice of feeding my body when I have the chance, and going with something 2nd best for it, and trying to wait for the absolute best, that wait is going to do bad things to me.

I no longer feel like giving up when I'm frustrated. Believe me, I get frustrated from time to time because my body isn't doing what I think it should be doing. Those inspirationals are right. It takes time, and if I don't keep going it's never going to happen and then I'll be upset even more. 6 months are going to pass no matter what, what matters is how I spend those months.

That's all I've got for now

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