Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today's Weight: 203.2
Difference: -1.0
Total Difference:  -8.1

So I think I will consider it a non scale victory that the top of my arms have really changed.  You know how they say when you flex a muscle but can still pinch and pull you still have fat covering the muscle?  My biceps, or at least the top of them can't be pinched. It gives me pleasure to run my hands over my arms and feel hard muscle that I've earned,  not soft layers of fat. Granted, my triceps have layers of fat over them and I can't wait to shrink it down. 
Also, I'm down  a size in undies.  Yay.

I'm still annoyed and confused about net calories, deficit,  and all of that. Why is it I have to eat my exercise calories back but none of my other day's activities? I go shopping for 2 hours? thats walking, but that's not something you get to subtract. I do dishes and house work, nada...
blah. hate confusion.

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