Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day, another pound.

I'm really hoping I just built muscles yesterday and that's why my weight went up this morning, because I had an awesome day yesterday.
While I didn't get to be seen by the dentist, on the way home I stopped by a Fresh n Easy right around the corner from my house, and bought myself lots of veggies, and healthier foods to keep at my friend's house since I prepare a lot of meals over there [no point in buying veggies for there, she wont eat nearly any vegetable]. Normally they accommodate my diet in what they buy but for various reason the last month or so there's been little I can eat without paying for it there.
This little trip deprived me of enough time to do Bob's yoga, so I opted for Jillian's instead. I then did more yoga, 3 routines from Slim Calm Sexy Yoga . I made a healthy dinner, played games for family night over there, then did the yoga. I was feeling relaxed and wonderful. So this morning's number hurt.

Today I hit the gym, spending 12 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the stair stepper [no handles, yay] 9 minutes on the treadmill with 2 sprints thrown in [my asthma was talking to me, not to mention the phlegm in my chest] about 15 minutes in the weight room doing the squat machine, and the inner and outer thigh master machines, and one of the leg raiser thingies, then climbed on an elliptical for 2 minutes to jump start my heart rate again. so that's.... about 41 minutes. Programing some of the machines can take some time on some of the machines.
In a few minutes I'm going to do a routine from the book again, and call it a night.
Maybe tomorrow the numbers will make me smile.

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