Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OK Gym, you and Me Time

Today, I'm meeting my sister at the gym to have her show me around and then for the whole year, I'm going to kick my butt at the gym.
I hope. The fact that I don't know if I know how to do it correctly but since they also offer classes there I think I'm going to try for those too.
Just wish my uterus would stop hurt from my period :| ouch ouch ouch.
It's interesting, theoretically my leptin is out of whack because I feel hungry all the time, but exercising isn't helping. Maybe If I exercise more?
They say the key is to eat right exercise more, and loose weight. started going back to the right track 2 months ago and haven't lost weight, and I feel hungry all the time. I do know I need to definitely go back to no cheese as per my cholesterol diet, instead of forgetting 2 days later after deciding it. Must also think of filling things to eat.
got some greek yogurt and avocados, so that should be great after the gym. time to go get changed and head out.

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