Thursday, January 20, 2011

I overhsared my cold

because my godson has it, and my dad too. Its amazing my dad has it, because I've seen him very little since I got [and got over] the head cold. MY little man though, I've seen him plenty. He got, well, fought and barely got, my egg-lemon soup. I made it at the request of his grandpa, who usually gets whatever sick J gets a few days later. But grandpa's appetite has been very good lately, so between a hearty appetite and some of the soup maybe he will get by unscathed.

I have a real craving for Brussels Sprouts. even have a great recipe for them too. none in the house, I'm the only one who likes them. mmm but I have cucumbers, or maybe they are zucchini? and also, chipotle sauce. not together, just for tomorrow.
Today's lunch was lots of bell peppers and tomatoes. Coupled with a turkey patty and lots of peppered cottage cheese, I'm surprised it didn't have a more pungent affect. But it was tasty. I was in heaven with my vegetables.


Today's Exercise [forgot I needed to be writing this down for all]
Bob Harper's Yoga For the Warrior
30 Minutes DDR

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