Sunday, January 16, 2011


Still not loosing weight but I'm glad to be doing yoga again.
I highly suggest it, really. While there are some positions that are a little odd because some part of me is too big, it still makes me sweat so go on, what are you waiting for?
I'm still stretching and strengthening muscles. I'm hoping even If I'm not loosing weight, I'll maybe tone up some. Maybe then I'll be able to fit back into the pants I got a little too fat to wear comfortably.
Trying to find decaffeinated tea seems to be as useful as trying to find sugarless orange juice. Blahhhh. Of course the amount of tea I drink is ridiculous, but trying to stay away form diet soda is important to me. I'm trying to not feel guilty about using the pour pouches of Crystal Light in my water, since it also is flavored by the devil. Who knows maybe the aspartame in the pour-pouches is holier since it's tea.
It all keeps one chanting, "Inee Topee" all day long.

Today: 206.9
Yesterday: 206.6

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