Thursday, January 6, 2011

Im not a loser today

I'm not a loser today, in both the good and bad sense. I'm not a a loser[good thing] because I feel I made good food choices and I exercised. But I'm also not a loser today because even though I hit the gym yesterday and ate decently,, it did not reflect on the scale today.
The gym I was gifted with a membership to is not a chain. I met my sister outside so she could show me around [and surprise, managed to annoy her because I got lost, found a branch for my credit union across the street, and discovered I had the location right the first time while thinking I had the time to be lost and spend 3 minutes at an ATM because she had txted saying she was running late. I was then late.] She showed me to the females only section, and I think I may poke my head over to the co-ed section to see how it is. I did work out, but I felt out of my element. I didn't recognize half of the machines in the 'cardio' room, and the weight room. I took 2 semesters of weight training in high school, and loved those machines. Didn't see a-one of those. It was also beyond weird for me to exercise around my sister [hello sisterly competition issues!] She had to leave since it was her lunch break after I'm thinking 30 mins, and I didn't stay much longer. This disappointed my sister, I could tell, but I did have a few reasons. 1, the elliptical spiked my heart rate too fast and stupid me did not remember my inhalor, 2, same said elliptical kept clicking and I felt not only could the few other [skinny] women hear it, they'd know it was from my fat fat ass working the machine, which I know is stupid but hey I have stupid social phobias, 3, I hadn't brought in the one magazine that had a plan for the machines I knew they had, and boy howdy are they right about not getting as much done without a plan.
Overall now that I've seen what's what there, I'm very excited about using the machines, space, and just hope I can get on track and I will actually lose weight.

Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup
Fiber One bar
1 Turkey Patty
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 medium bell pepper, diced and roasted
1 individual size fat free greek yougurt
1 apple
1 5 oz chicken braest
4 oz organic edamame
4 oz jasmine rice with butter

Jillian Micheal's Yoga Meltdown [25 min]
DDR [21 min]

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