Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The best dessert

Last night I had the best dessert: a sliced naval orange and dark chocolate. It was sooo tasty. Chocolate oranges are fun to break open but this was much more flavorful.

Of course my cravings also tend towards the weird. I was causing my BF to gag at the market last night when I told him jalapeno kettle chips dipped in melted chocolate sounded good to me. But then, he didn't believe me that the sell candy bars with jalapenos, cayenne, salt, etc. I mentioned boutiques in other countries first and he didn't believe me when I got to the USA. Silly boy. But then the fun was making him gag. We also had a serious debate about sugary peanut butter, and whether or not strawberry jam is disgusting [I hate the vile concoction.] Also caused his mother's eyes to bulge when I asked if 10 water bottles was enough fluid. With the pour pouches I managed to drink lots and lots of water yesterday. I felt the need to ask when I noticed I was going pee every 20 minutes and felt like floating away.... So all in all, a great evening.


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