Sunday, February 12, 2012

30DS, Day 1, here we go

Completed Day 1 of Level 1,  will do a full check in in 9 more days.
Today I stopped more than I thought I would, made me kinda sad. also modified certain moves for a random reason: the MIL's house has crawl space under it and the noise the jumping around makes has my brain panicking I will bust a hole in the floor.  Which will make for an interesting month since I'm here 3 days of the week.

I was so disappointed this morning when I stepped on the scale.  2.5 lb gain. the only weight I've managed to shed in 2 months was back! Suddenly, I was ashamed of feeling so proud of working out on vacation, obviously is was in vain. All day a pall hung over my head, feeling my sister sneers and superior glances at my food choices were well-warranted. Suddenly, all the lemon water and tea meant nothing because I had some drinks.  My secret week long shame of not being able to say no to potatoes in my presence [a staple in the cafeterias breakfasts], of craving carbs because of walking... I felt like an utter failure.  The fact that I split meals many days, ate a banana everyday for potassium since my muscles were being used so much more, it meant nothing. I really wanted to curl up in a dark room. I know I could've gained much more, indulged to the max. But those 2.5 lbs? I worked hard for them and I got them back in 1 fell swoop. Maybe it was because I spent most of my vacation agitated? Did I retain weight from that stress?  I have been cranky most of the day because of it. Then I was reminded:
If you have some higher carb meals, expect that the next day, you might feel more bloated than usual. And for goodness sake, stay OFF The scale! If there was ever a time to avoid the scale, it is the day after a high-carb, high-sodium feast!
Guess what I scarfed down at the airport before take off? eh-hem somepandaexpressbeefandbroccoliontopofchowmein. andthentheendofaspinachandcheesecalzone.  I was hungry. And Orlando seems to have missed out on the idea of healthy food options. [lemme tell you how tempted I was to get a Nathan's hot dog with sauerkraut. or chili cheese. or hey that Philly cheese steak hanging out there] So yeah at least I had fibrous broccoli. and spinach, and bits of cabbage and carrot. :D what, I've not convinced you? I don't believe in eating white rice and fried rice is just wrong.
But see, I couldn't stay off the scale, not today. Today is the start of my shred month! I needed the info for my before and after. I'll be amused if tomorrow I drop now that I've been pushing fluids and passed most of yesterday's food.
Time will tell and I will still do my challenge, but man did I spend most of my day in a funk.

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