Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in, Level 1 Summary

 Today's Weight: 209.7
Difference: -1.1
Total Difference:  -1.5

Level 1 was a mix of moves that were easy for me and that I haven't done in forever and therefore kicked my ass.  I still have the shin splints, so I ended up modifying the cardio moves somewhat. I think this may have detracted somewhat from calorie torching.  For this level I did not completely meet my goal of days 6-10 being no modification days [injury mods not included]. Most of the moves I was able to go ahead and do unmodified, but push-ups? I'm sorry, I suck at them. I realized the second day I was doing them at a slow and steady pace that I was barely bending my arms, and that weight shift alone killed me.  I decided I would continue those modified and become more proficient at those. I'm also considering learning pushups on my stability ball.

This is week 11, and well, time for no more excuses. I'm not losing weight because I'm doing something wrong. I can't keep saying I had lots of carbs the day before, or Vicodin backs me up and I had oral surgery and haven't had a regular BM since Tuesday 14th, etc. I don't know what, or how I'm screwing up so horribly. My diet isn't that terrible, I actually love my veggies and eat them regularly.  Since I started working  out  I've worked out 3-5 hours a week.  Sorry but that's not half-assing it. I do know that I am beyond pissed. I'm not trying to out-exercise a bad diet. I'm trying to maintain a good one. All I feel I've accomplished is  bruising my forehead on the concrete wall I'm beating my head against. 4-lb yo-yo is supposed to be a plateua, not a near three month solid effort of healthier eating and exercising.

So my MIL has decided to get Jillian Michael's new program coming out, called Body Revolution. She wants us to do it one right after the other. It is a 90 day program and looks challenging and fun. And by fun I mean I will be yelling at Jillian while sweating copiously and grumbling the entire way through and then be thoroughly impressed with myself with being able to do new moves afterwards. It should be perfect timing after my scheduled month of kettle bells and Jillian Michael's new Kickboxing DVD [that I will be doing in conjunction with my last Bob Harper DVD purchase] I'm jazzed to have all this to look forward to. Also, may consider doing Insanity.

Also, yay me, as of today, 11 days with no soda. I miss it. However I got this tea and this tea while in epcot and can I just say? yummmmmmmmmy.

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