Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

Today's Weight: 10.8
Difference: +0.5
Total Difference:  -0.4

I'm not entirely sure how accurate those numbers are. I had a craving for roasted broccoli last night and easily ate 2 pounds worth, if not 3. I threw out the bag before I remembered to check. And broccoli, it bloats you. Or so I've read.
I was right, on Sunday, about the carb numbers.  The next day my weight had dropped back down to what it had been on the Saturday morning before I left on my trip, which yay! means I managed to maintain during my trip.
So far my heart rate is going up alot more on the 30DS than my other dvds were [not a big surprise], but my food intake has been screwy this week. The MIL's lack of food in the house really screwed me on Monday, not to mention dinner on Sunday.  I don't think I'll get to be on a regular food schedule again until tomorrow. Today, I don't get to eat until late afternoon.  There's a little matter of having the rest of my wisdom teeth removed, and since I have to be put under [they're impacted] I don't get to eat or drink. It's making me more than a little cranky. I can ignore a hungry stomach if I have tea or water to chug, but damn I don't even get that.
I've read on forums for those who have done the 30DS that day 3 of each level is make it or break it, and I guess I can see why.  Yes, it is challenging me, but I have no intention of stopping. Not taking a break today, or tomorrow. I know I may loathe the idea tomorrow, but I made the commitment to do it for 30 days straight, and as it s only 25 minutes a day, I need to honor that commitment.
I'm going to spend tomorrow planning out evening meals for the weekends so my fiancee and I can buy food ahead of time for it. Between that and planning Monday meals for myself, I should be better off for the rest of my challenge.

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