Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halfway through Level 1

So, today was day 5, and it was easier than it has been, but that may be because yesterday I did it without being able to drink water.  I didn't end up getting to eat until about 4:30 yesterday, however as soon as they took me to Costco for my pain meds I was downing water like no ones business and making indecent noises the entire time because I was so damn thirsty.  And I must've hit 'starvation mode' yesterday because I know I didn't hit 1200 calories before I passed out last night and I fluxed up 3 pounds this morning. Blargh. But I'm not hating myself for it or anything silly like that, I know weight fluxes, I usually check to see if I hydrated enough or had too much sodium the day before, etc. I have one day a week I count as my 'weight' for the week. And heck, most of the time I don't like that number because I have better ones other times during the week. I'm trying not to obsess about scale this time.  I have a fitspiration folder on my computer that serves as my screen saver, and I'm always looking at the fitness section of Pinterest because it's helping keep y head in the right space this time around.

I know almost everybody thought I should take it easy today and not exercise, but it felt good to exercise. My swollen face didn't hurt more to do so, the only time it hurt was when I brushed it.  Tomorrow should be interesting since my goal for each levels' day 6-10 was to not do the modifications with Anita and do everything full fledged. Now, some of it I look foreword to challenging myself on and to see how far I can go, like boy push-ups. I've been taking some alternate cardio moves during the video because it seems I gave myself a shin splint while sprinting at WDW and some of the cardio moves just hurt in the bad way.  After the surgery drugs yesterday and  ice and heat therapy to it after exercise yesterday the muscle seems very happy, but I still didn't push it today. I will see how it feels tomorrow and then go from there. My point with the 'leveling up' was to challenge myself, and push farther, but I've got to make sure to not cause more injuries. Those modifications are different.
and until Saturday, It's going to be difficult for me to tell if I'm hitting 90 degrees in my squats and lunges.  I do know I'm not looking forward to the anterior raises all the way to my eyeballs instead of my shoulders. Those things kill my arms. Lately I've been alternating the arms depending on which leg is lunging.

We'll see how it all turns out for level 1 in another 5 days!

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