Friday, February 10, 2012

Well then

End of day five. Tomorrow is traveling day. I won't be rising early to exercise. 5 days in a row plus walking for most of the days seems just fine. But, I got up every morning and spent 30 minutes in exercise, even when I wanted to sleep. Today is the only day I chose not to do sprints. I just wasn't up to it.
I did find out my runkeeper app is somewhat flawed because I didn't run, because the square courtyard I was walking was small enough that the gps thought I was going much slower than I was. Imagine my surprise when after speeding up, the 10 minute check in said I was going 3 minutes slower!!
I didn't figure out how it was possible until an hour later.
I'll be interested to weigh in on Sunday, after this long week. I don't think I really over indulged, but I definitely indulged. I personally didn't feel like exercising in the morning was doing anything for me, but I will know later.
Well I'm exhausted and need to pack.

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