Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tomorrow is

This blog's 1 month anniversary. Wow.
It's funny, when I was on vacation, I was hoping to use the access to the gym[s] to 'Biggest Loser' it. I thought originally to spend 3 hours in the gym each day. That dwindled down to just an hour, hour and a half, and it seems that time was not enough to awaken my body from it's lethargy to begin losing weight again. It's been a month, I for all intents and purposes haven't lost weight. I won't stop exercising because I haven't, but I will now instead continue to exercise because I want to prove in an angry tone of voice to those who give me lip that I am doing everything I can. Even thrown in a good old fashion guilt trip with ice cream about how ironic is was that back when I was losing weight steadily I wasn't near as active on a daily basis, but I begin exercising more and I loose nothing.

Yesterday I kicked my butt with some good all around yard work. I pruned, weed-wacked, and raked the bushes and 'flower' beds on the walkway to the house, and pruned the apricot tree in the back yard that's been long overdue, including the top half. It became too wet today for me to go back and break down all that I pruned to box up and put by the curb to offer as kindling. Today I instead got stuck doing laundry due to a very angry cat in my house.....

perhaps soon I can finish cleaning my house for the holidays [as clean as it gets anyways] and tidying up the front lawn.
What does one get for a stocking stuffer that's not cheese, candy, cheap perfume, or cheap jewelery? Why do mothers have to be so hard to buy for?!

Today's Weight: 207.4

1 can Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup: 200 cal
1 string cheese: 80 cal
1 heel sourdough bread
1 oz red pepper hummus: 60 cal
Total: 340ish cal

1 Turkey patty: 200 cal
1.5 oz parmesan: 75 cal
3.5 oz egg noodle pasta with sour cream
2 jennie-o turkey franks
Total: 400ish

Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior [aprox 1 hr]

4-5 oz Tuna Surprise [buttered noodles, cream of mushroom, whole milk, tuna]

counting todays food intake as a bust

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