Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wowee zowee

Hi there. It's amazing how weird it feels to be home.  Especially considering Tuesday we got to the airport early, and to find out right before boarding time our flight was delayed 3 hours, which made us miss the connecting flight and had us staying overnight near the second airport. and as soon as I was home yesterday, I had the fun of  going to the dentist for an appointment made a month ago, and have my head completely numbed for hours because the drilling hurt badly. And when at home later, while putting away dishes, had two frying pans fall and hit the side of the face the dentist had been working on. The last two days really felt like one long one. the eating wasn't wholly healthy but there was less of it. But we start again today.

Whole grain toast 1 slice, 100 cal
2 large eggs, sunny side up
Progresso Chicken Rice soup, 1 can, 180 cal.
Total: 400? cals,   Remaining: 800ish cal

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