Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 1. Again.

Well, kinda.  Last week had a day 1 again, but this weekend happened. so I'm againing, again.
A year and a half ago I had my doctor call to tell me my cholesterol was dangerously high and not only did I need to loose weight pronto, but I was to be put on meds to help lower said cholesterol immediately. She lectured me about how in another year I could have a stroke or die of a heart attack, and scolded me for these risks being so high in someone who was only 21 [about a week before my 22nd birthday].  Properly terrified, I started exercising more. More? you ponder, how could she be overweight [weighing in at my heaviest of 242 on my 5'2" medium frame] if she was exercising? Well I wasn't doing it enough to do much but maintain my weight.
So for longer, and more times a week, I pulled out my DDR mat and danced and sweated. Combined with therapeutic levels of stress relieving medications, a strict cholesterol-lowering diet of 1200cals and eventually adding in Yoga Booty Ballet and Jillian Michael's DVDs I dropped 50 lbs in a year. It was not the spectacular results I wanted, in fact just the opposite. I was thoroughly disappointed, and angry my sister had managed better when she went through her weight loss transformation. I plateaued easily and often.
In early Spring '10,  I had begun losing again, broken through whatever plateau I had had, when I woke one morning to pain in my knees. This wasn't an uncommon occurrence, every once in a while I would wake to find them so, go easy on them for a day, and the next day they'd be fine again. Except the pain didn't go away after a day. The pain got worse, and became somewhat debilitating. I stopped exercising for fear of doing permanent damage to my knees, and became more depressed as time went on and nothing I did for my knees seemed to help.  A month and a half after it started, I decided to try exercising again, but I stuck only to DDR. I love Jillian Michaels and missed her dvds, but since my main problem was bending and supporting my weight while doing so [it was too painful] I decided I would be doing something incredibly stupid to try doing them.  I know, DDR has a lot of impact to that area, but I wasn't having to flex and support weight like the dvds wanted. and it seemed to help lessen the pain for a little while. Even this was varied and awkward for me since my father was out of work and the TV and the computer share the same small space.
My diet had suffered as well, and a few weeks ago I had the final blow: at my PP office, they weighed me as usual... and I was back over 200lbs! 20 lbs had crept back up on me in 6 months, the most of which happened in the last 2 months. My knees still ache, but nothing  like the initial pain.

So here I am, back at day 1 of weight loss. I'm on vacation, and plan on using the gym the hotel has, already did today in fact. I already started off on the wrong foot by consuming things I shouldn't have this weekend since my arrival. But I have a gym for a week, and Jillian and YBB dvds til the end of November. When I return home, I have a kettle-bell waiting.  My goal for this vacation is to at least maintain last week's small weight loss, and hopefully knock off more of weight gain and start back to finishing my initial weight loss goal of 90-100 lbs gone.
Eliptical Machine [I think] Weight Loss pre-programing 30 minutes 300+ cals
Bike free pedal 10 mins 17 cals
Weight Machine: 15 mins, ?

[more exercise later]

Breakfast: 8oz 2% milk, Kashi cereal to go blueberry, 4? slices bacon, 3/4s c eggs, 1/2 danish
Here in TN they seem to be very generous on meat portions. I didnt ask for that many bacon, but I had a week moment and ate all of them.

Snack after exercising: 8oz 2% milk, Fiber 1 bar

ED:  Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 1
yikes Im out of practice

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